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Jun. 24th, 2012 | 04:48 pm

After reading this Tumblr post by Aja about fandom pimping, it made me want to make a new post for discussion about Warchild and its sequels. There are a few people who have read it since my last post, and also I wanted to have a space that was set aside for non-shippy discussions as well as shippy ones, and for discussions of ships other than my OTP, and basically EVERYTHING ABOUT THESE LIFE- AND HEART-SIPHONING BOOKS.

But first, a few BULLET POINTS:

-There are fanworks in progress from me and other people! For my part, I am writing a Jos/Niko canon-divergent AU which is currently over 10,000 words long and presupposes that Jos's parents moved to Austro instead and he was orphaned but never taken by Falcone. After being trained by black ops agents as a spy to infiltrate the sympathizer movement, he is rescued by Niko's ship and has to learn to adjust to life among the striviirc-na while also attempting to fulfill his duties as a spy. And there is angst! And reluctant falling in love! And snarking! And alien mating rituals! If anyone wants to read it as it progresses I can hook you up with the Google doc.

-I will let the others discuss their fanworks-in-progress if they wish to, since I always feel weird being like HEY DID YOU KNOW THAT SO AND SO IS WRITING X? if none of it is yet published.

-After lamenting the lack of non-(apparently) cismale characters, Dana and I started discussing an FTM!Dorr fic, which I am also planning to write.

-Here is Karin Lowachee's Tumblr if anyone is interested.

-Still having the WORST time ever coming up with fancasts for these books--none of the ones I've thought of seem quite right. AND HOW CAN I MAKE A FANMIX WITHOUT FANCASTS??? ANY SUGGESTIONS?

-Sparks by imogen is a SERIOUSLY FUCKING GREAT gen fic about a friendship between Sid (who shows up in Burndive, if you haven't read that) and Dorr. Spot-on character voices and the perfect emotional register make this fic an absolute delight.

-This is basically the perfect Ryan Azarcon song (esp. for the end of Burndive).


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