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Dear Yuletide Writer!

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Oct. 30th, 2012 | 09:35 pm

Dear Yuletide Writer,

This is my first year participating in Yuletide, and I'm really excited! I look forward to reading your fic :D

1. Warchild books by Karin Lowachee.

I would love, love, love any story about a romantic relationship between Jos and Niko (preferably with Jos older than 16). It can be canon or canon AU or a total AU, fluffy or porny or angsty (no major character death, please.) Their relationship can be sexual or non-sexual or anything in between. I'd love to see an AU where both Jos and Niko are the same age--perhaps something where Niko's parents, rather than Niko, rescue Jos and brought him back to Aaian-na to be raised with their kids, and Jos and Niko develop a close relationship that eventually becomes romantic. Regardless of what universe or scenario you write them in, I'd like to see reciprocity highlighted in their relationship--rather than Jos merely being in a submissive, student, cared-for role, I'd like to see them caring for and teaching each other and trying actively to negotiate the power in their relationship, as difficult as it may be.

If you'd rather not write Jos/Niko, then feel free to write gen about the relationship between Jos and Niko (preferably without any Jos/Evan), or anything about Niko's childhood and backstory.

2. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Anything Garak/Bashir would delight me, short of either of them dying. I love reading about Cardassian culture, so anything with Julian visiting Cardassia, possibly post-Dominion war, would be awesome. Or Julian disguised as a Cardassian, or Garak disguised as a human. Or Garak visiting Earth! I would also love Garak gen, whether you use his backstory from A Stitch in Time or not.

3. Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness

-an AU where Cillian somehow survives and he and Ben are reunited
-anything Ben/Cillian
-what happened after the books ended--either immediately after, or any period of time afterward.
-a more in-depth exploration of the relationship between The Return and his one in particular

Things I generally like in fic:
-negotiations of power dynamics
-sci-fi elements
-aliens & alien sexuality

I have very few squicks and triggers, and I'll be happy with any rating, from hardcore NC-17 porn to the tamest G. I don't care much for overly woobified characters, Jerk Sues, or any shippy fic where one character is put on a pedestal and doesn't seem to reciprocate. But overall I have very eclectic tastes; please write what you feel moved to write.

Thanks for reading!

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