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[sticky post] Freelance Editing (and Other Things)

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Jan. 31st, 2014 | 04:01 pm


As some of you may know, I'm currently underemployed and looking for a job. I'm hoping to be able to afford to go back to school and/or leave my mother's house at some point, so I've been hoping to build up my résumé with more editing and proofreading experience.

Why you might consider letting me edit your work:

-I am able and willing to work with nearly any form, length, or genre: novel manuscripts, short stories (original fiction only), academic papers, nonfiction manuscripts, grant proposals, websites, letters, and more.

-I have four years of experience teaching English composition at a college level, and I provided thorough feedback on my students' work, as well as teaching analytical and linguistic skills to enable them to revise their own work and that of others. I also worked as a one-on-one English language tutor for a year.

-I had a prior freelance job proofreading scientific papers and grant proposals; I am familiar with scientific terminology and style.

-I have completed numerous courses in rhetoric and composition and have knowledge of the elements of persuasive writing, including the concept of ethos and the importance of envisioning one's audience.

-I am familiar with the conventions of written Standard English, and if I am in doubt about the correctness of an edit I look it up in a trusted source. However, I'm not a prescriptivist; I'll respect the stylistic choices you make and try to help you shape your work according to your vision as well as the expectations of your audience and the genre's conventions.

-I have experience with multiple citation styles, including MLA 7, APA, and Chicago.

-Although I've been made aware that betaing fanfiction and being a professional editor are different things, I have extensive experience as a beta, and I believe that I bring similar skills to both activities. I believe in the importance of tact and clarity in providing feedback, and I attempt to learn as much as I can beforehand about what kind of feedback the writer needs and expects. Furthermore, working with fanfic has given me further experience at every level of the editing process, from large structural and content issues to sentence-level analysis of syntax and grammar.

-Whether I am editing a grant proposal or betaing a friend's fic, I take pride in my work. I promise to be thorough, to get it done on time, and to respect your goals and vision.

-I can also do translation (Russian), write short non-fiction pieces, and fact-check.

Rates will vary based on the length of the text and the type of editing/proofreading required. I am also able to provide additional references or writing samples if you wish.

Thanks for your consideration,

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from: being_here
date: Jan. 31st, 2014 10:15 pm (UTC)

Hi darling. I know it's been about 5 million years since we've spoken, but... the novel is finally getting written. It is incredibly english but - I trust you and would appreciate help on tone. Also many other things.

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Easy To Amuse, Hard To Please

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from: starlingthefool
date: Feb. 1st, 2014 05:26 am (UTC)

Hey! This is pretty well-timed. I just finished a first draft of long short story, and am about 2/3 through a novella. Both could use some serious red pen. The finished draft of the first is about 8000 words, and is kind of a messy. The second will probably be about 15,000 words, but won't be done for a while, probably a month or two. Would you send me a DM here or on twitter (I'm @ninolupine over there) with your rates or email address?

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